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"Excellence is in the details. Give attention to the details and excellence will come"

- Perry Paxton -

Indexes - often taken for granted, these simple but effective tools have provided assistance to all of us - on many ocassions - to quickly find what we are searching for and than close the book until next time. Although indexes are simple in apperance, they require carefull planning to ensure the proper shape, size and style to suit a project. By applying indexes to your projects you will achieve greater initial visual impact and higher quality of your book.


Thumb cuts are half moon radius available in the following sizes: 3|8‘‘, 7|16‘‘, 1|2‘‘, 5|8‘‘ and 3|4‘‘. Tabs are available in the same sizes. There are two types of thumb cut indexing: single bank and double bank (particulary useful for large books, with a lot of subjects to index). Half circle cuts are made into the book to expose the tub at a page specific location. Tab descriptions may be printed on the text or can be applied by hot stamping.


A unique style of thumb indexing is done by cutting a radius through the book to the specific page. Cutting dies are available to cut single bank or double bank.


Step cut is the most popular form of indexing. It can be done on any bound product to make the book user friendly for quick, easy access.
Achievable in several different options:
90 degree
110 degree
120 degree
135 degree
Cutting dies are available to cut single or double bank


 The double radius cut is a special form of step indexing. It is characterized by rounded corners - both inner and outer. Double radius cut gives your book a softer and more elegant look.
Avaliable angles:
90 degree
110 degree
120 degree


This type of index is especially suitable for the projects with few pages (brochures etc). This cut is done from head to foot of book. The minimum distance between the cuts is 5 mm.


The corner step index can be done in the right top or right bottom corner with the minimum distance of 5 mm between the cuts. Along with full edge cut this index is reasonable for projects with few pages. 


One of the most elegant form of indexing. Distinguishing feature of this cut is leaving an uncut segment on both sides of the block. Panoramic cut allows to have a few different kinds of information along a single bank.
Available angles: 90 or 120 degree with rounded inner corners
Index depths between 10,5 mm and 18 mm


This very appealing and smooth type of index is a combination of  regular 90 degree step cut from the inside and a rounded cut at the outside. Form cut index reduces the wear and tear of indexed pages. 


Don't let your imagination be limited by standards - consider custom form cut! We will help you transform a regular project into a unique one! With the cutting knifes designed especially for you we can turn your idea into reality.